August 16, 2018 - Pittsburgh, PA


New training offered by TBGA and Expanse Microtechnologies: CT for Inspection in Additive Manufacturing


The Barnes Group Advisors (TBGA) and Expanse Microtechnologies (Expanse) announced a joint partnership to help pave a new path forward for the analysis and inspection of parts produced by 3D printers earlier this year. The two have recently expanded on this partnership with the offering of a new co-developed training course, CT for Inspection in Additive Manufacturing.

In addition to the fundamentals of micro-CT, trainees will be exposed to the depth of information that is unlocked with micro-CT with respect to key additive manufacturing concerns. Trainees will review a number of additive manufacturing case studies, looking at real printing defects and how to properly assess them. The goal is to demystify the technology, spending as much time on technology trade-offs and limitations as technology capabilities. 

The training course begins with an introduction to CT and CT fundamentals, followed by sections on classifying CT applications, understanding the technology trade-offs, designing for CT, and closes with a best practices session on buying CT equipment.

“This training will bring advanced CT technologies to the hands of engineers, and will help get the most useful inspection data in the shortest amount of time,” says John E. Barnes, Managing Director, TBGA. 

“Everyone in the industry should be exposed to the capabilities and limitations of this technology,” says James Hinebaugh, President, Expanse Microtechnologies. “Micro-CT inspection will play a critical role in the exponential expansion of additive manufacturing applications, and it will be those that master quality and inspection that will be the forerunners of that expansion.”

View of Zeiss Versa 520, property of the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab (image credit: Expanse Microtechnologies)

View of Zeiss Versa 520, property of the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab (image credit: Expanse Microtechnologies)

“Several of our TBGA training customers expressed interest in this specialized topic,” says Alison Wyrick Mendoza, Additive Manufacturing Training & Services Leader, TBGA. “We feel this is also the perfect opportunity to leverage our relationship with Expanse, one of our Partner AM™ members.”

The course ranges from 1 to 3 hours depending on the depth and breadth of the topics requested. It is currently delivered via webinar or in-person workshop and can be scheduled now. More information is available through The Barnes Group Advisors company website or by e-mailing Alison at


The Barnes Group Advisors (TBGA) is the global leader in technology, systems & economics for Additive Manufacturing and member of America Makes. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has presence in Australia, the United Kingdom, Austin, TX, St. Louis, MO, Phoenix, AZ and State College, PA. TBGA is comprised of seasoned specialists with over 120 years of experience in additive manufacturing, and leverages its staff of aerospace OEM trained, hands-on, AM engineering skills to help companies work through their AM adoption strategy via powder, metallurgy, requirements, mechanics, techno-economics, design and leadership and strategy.

Expanse Microtechnologies Inc. provides unparalleled analyses of X-ray CT data focused on improving the understanding of additive manufacturing processes and advanced materials. A member of Canada Makes, Expanse is headquartered in Toronto, ON, with a presence in Waterloo, ON and Victoria, BC. Expanse staff have more than 40 years experience in the acquisition and analysis of X-ray CT data and development of advanced materials and their processing methods. At Expanse, research and industry expertise is devoted to providing customers with the critical analyses needed to guide their product, materials, and process developments.