aM training 

through ADDvisorâ„  Services 

We now provide Additive Manufacturing Training as part of our ADDvisorâ„  Services offering.

Training ranges from online Professional Development courses, to short introductory workshops, to intensive, hands-on experiences using innovative technical and training tools.

Our training focuses at the Engineer, Manager and Executive level, as well as the path from initial learning experience to advanced applications development. 

Our approach makes use of the vigorous Systems Engineering approach used by America Makes, while expanding specific sections based on our experience in the industry.

Customer requirements will be considered in development of training programs, and the training intensifies depending the maturity of AM within your environment. 


Professional Development.

AM Professional Development improves skillsets, knowledge, competency, and overall effectiveness at work. We will soon offer a 3 part e-Learning course focused on AM 101, AM Processes & Materials, and Design for AM. The e-Learning courses will be University accredited and offer CEUs for learners.

Check back soon for more information on our upcoming e-Learning PD courses!



Our Web-based trainings come in the form of presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar, and are transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. Our instructors can share interactive audio, documents, and applications with webinar attendees. Training topics can include: AM 101, AM Inputs, Secondary Processes, AM Technology & Materials, Design for AM, AM Business & Economics, and AM Quality Systems. 

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Our AM Workshop trainings are interactive F2F sessions, where participants carry out a number of activities and discussions rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation. We can facilitate a hands-on workshop at your site or off-site, and tailor these engagements to Engineers, Managers, and Executives, as appropriate. These consist of  short introductory workshops to intensive, hands-on experiences.

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