Online Additive Manufacturing Certification Program now available.

We recently partnered with Purdue University & Purdue Engineering Online to offer a new Additive Manufacturing Certification Program, written & facilitated by our ADDvisor® Services team. Stay current with the rapidly evolving Additive Manufacturing industry with a respected 100% online certification. The certification includes 15 week experiences, with three self-paced five-week sections.

Learn from the professionals on our team, who are ideally-positioned to provide students with a wealth of knowledge, foundational skills, and effective preparation for real-world application.

The next program begins September 4, 2019. To register, please visit the Purdue Online Learning website.


Additive Manufacturing Training, taught by our ADDvisor® Services team.

Our technology independent, instructor-led courses focus at the Engineer, Manager and Executive level, as well as the path from initial learning experience to advanced applications development

Customer requirements will be considered in the final course development, and the training focuses and intensifies depending on the maturity of additive manufacturing within your environment. All courses are taught by members of our ADDvisor® Services team.

Once we assess your needs, we create a customized workshop from our course offerings below, with each workshop curriculum tailored to maximize the outcome you desire. Training is available via face-to-face or webinar.

These courses can be taken independently or as a workshop, and you earn a diploma upon completion of a workshop. You can also earn completion certificates for each individual course. Should you have a unique or specific training requirement, we can create a custom course and workshop upon request.

We also currently offer more specialized training courses with two of our partners, LPW Technology and Expanse Microtechnologies. Contact us for more detailed information on these specialized courses.

Intimate, customized, and technology independent training.

Our Additive Manufacturing Training Courses.

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Discover additive manufacturing.

Discover AM is an additive manufacturing essentials course for all employees.
Learn the basic steps in each key process, real-world applications of additive manufacturing, and categorize material types used in additive manufacturing.

Course Details.


Focus your thinking.

Focus AM is an expansion on the Discover AM course, providing a more detailed review the standard AM processes.
Discuss technical and commercial considerations of each process, materials used in each process, and identify steps to the common additive manufacturing workflow.

Course Details.


Accelerate your journey.

Accelerate AM is an advanced course focused on Design for Additive Manufacturing.
Learn to distinguish between additive manufacturing design innovation and additive manufacturing design mitigation techniques.

Course Details.


Empower yourself.

Empower AM focuses on forming a business case for additive manufacturing.
Learn to identify cost drivers and opportunities for cost savings in additive manufacturing.
Develop core industrialization strategies.

Course Details.


Providing both information & inspiration.

The Barnes Group Training AM Assessment Tool™.

Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to think, not what to think. We created a method to measure this success through an in-class case study combined with our AM Assessment Tool™.

All workshops include an in-class case study as an assessment of both tacit (knowing-how) and explicit (knowing-that) knowledge capture. By utilizing a team-based learning approach, you will work together in small teams to build a case study designed around a selected part or group of parts. Teams will prepare, present, and defend outcomes using our proprietary AM Assessment Tool.

The AM Assessment Tool measures your ability to:

  • Identify the process and materials considerations

  • State expected or known requirements and identify gaps

  • Outline what qualification steps or certification issues exist

  • Describe design considerations

  • Identify opportunities to continue assessment given more time

  • Define an AM value proposition

Ready to #ActivateYourAM?

Our Additive Manufacturing Workshops.

You may choose to enroll in our full workshop option versus an individual course. Our current workshop is Activate AM. 

Activate AM is a comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Employee Development Program designed to assist in integrating AM into facilities, products and design thinking, and can be implemented with a staggered approach to effectively reach both small or large groups, across multiple locations, with varying experience levels.

This workshop is a combination of all 4 courses: Discover AM, Focus AM, Accelerate AM, and Empower AM.


 Learn more about each course included in Activate AM by clicking on Course Details above.

We believe there is great value in continuous employee training and development.

Our training teaches AM best practices & processes. It nurtures leadership ability. It improves your employee engagement. And it provides you with a competitive advantage.

Our customers agree.

Being taught by people who have actually implemented the technology gives credibility to the content they teach.
— AM Workshop Customer, Oil. & Gas Industry, June 2018
The ADDvisor® team had the ability to dive into details when needed, without losing site of the overall goals. They delivered good, informative content and connected topics to our challenges.
— AM Workshop Customer, Life Sciences Industry, April 2018
The passion shown by the instructors was infectious. It was impossible not to be engaged in the course.
— AM Workshop Customer, Oil & Gas Industry, June 2018
The biggest challenge we face is educating people inside our organization. We chose to send several key engineers to attend a training course to gain skills needed to help in both their careers and their current roles. We also want to stay ahead of our competition, and be seen as innovators by our customers.
— AM Workshop Customer, Medical Device Industry, July 2018
You made us aware of the technology, regulations, and applications in a short but focused few days. Were able to network with our internal AM specialists to do future work together. A great experience!
— AM Workshop Customer, Energy Industry, September 2018


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