Solving real challenges.


Our ADDvisor® Services team can engage with you by the hour or by fixed price, from Board Member down to specialist engineering. We review technical results, help set strategy, or plot direction based on technical merit and market knowledge. We can provide insight for technology, economics, or strategy.

We also provide AM training services, ranging from online courses to hands-on workshops, focusing at the Engineer, Manager and Executive level, as well as the path from initial learning experience to advanced applications development


We take a multidisciplinary approach to solving a defined problem or technical challenge. We can help to identify and then propose a solution. Because we can bring in different engineering skills, we will look at the problem through different lenses. We can drive a solution including design, prototyping, and experimentation.


We take our specific, pervasive, and intimate knowledge of the additive manufacturing and metals space to provide insights into solving specific aspects of AM. We will tailor the solution to your specific need or question. We emphasize that we convert a lot of data into a specific insight for you, so our goal is to give you exactly the information you need based on our collected data.


Our ADDvisor® team members are ambassadors to the additive manufacturing world, and engage in sponsored speaking engagements.

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