Influential Women in AM You Should Know (Part III)

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In line with our promise to keep "International Women's Day" alive – part 3 of our Influential Women in AM You Should Know series. 

A colleague and I caught up the other day, and the topic of conversation traveled to recent experiences she’d appreciated as a female in a male dominated workplace. Her insight proved great advice as to what men can do to support women in engineering roles. The bottom line: inclusiveness. 

You never really know the impact you have on other people, especially in a world heavily influenced by social media. International Women’s Day came and went last week, and there were a few articles specific to women in 3D printing. Reading these articles motivated me. I think The Barnes Group Advisors should also recognize the impact of women in additive, and include them in our own industry update. 

Below are women who have had an impact on the AM industry, or an impact on us at TBGA. We strive to be inclusive, and look forward to sharing more names of female AM rockstars on future lists later. We plan to keep the Women’s Day vibe going all year.

Nanci Hardwick – CEO of Meld after winning the RAPID + TCT Exhibitor Innovation Award

Nanci Hardwick – CEO of Meld after winning the RAPID + TCT Exhibitor Innovation Award

Nanci Hardwick. Nanci (pictured) is CEO of Aeroprobe Corporation and MELD Manufacturing Corporation, where she is literally standing behind her product after winning the RAPID + TCT Exhibitor Innovation Award. Nanci received the Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC) Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016 and has been recognized by the Governor of Virginia for leadership in community and business. Nanci is a member of the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) and the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS). 

I met Nanci while judging the RAPID + TCT Exhibitor Innovation Award that Meld went on to win, against some well-established players I might add. I look forward to seeing more of Nanci and her team at Meld. 

Dr Blanka Szost. Blanka is the Head of AM Competence Centre in Munich for Oerlikon. She boasts an impressive resume including a PhD from Cambridge. She was nominated by a mutual colleague who boasts of her ability to build an impressive team. Her technical credentials are significant including winning the Vanadium Award which sounds like something a materials engineer should desire. She certainly sounds like the type of person we like at TBGA. 

Severine Valdant Zygmont. Severine is president of Oxford Performance Materials and oversaw the first ever AM polymer 510K cleared patient specific implant technology. She grew up in France and credits her high school teachers with instilling in her a love of math and science. Her firm has 32 employees today, 43% of whom are women. "To get women interested in manufacturing, it has to start in school," she said. "You have to get them excited about science and math. There's no reason why women can't excel in this industry." (CNN) Severine was nominated to be included in this list by a colleague. I hope I get to meet her one day. 

Olga Ivanova. Olga is Principal Scientist at Universal Technology Corporation. UTC is launching a new metal AM system, and she was brought to the team to expand its capabilities towards multi-material AM/3D Printing. Her main research interest is in expanding materials selection for AM systems and exploring new application areas. Her first exposure to AM was while working with Chris Williams PhD (Virginia Tech) on introduction of nanoparticles into printing media for anti-counterfeiting of AM parts, during her postdoctoral training. After that, it all spiraled to many more projects as a scientist at small business in Texas. She boasts a diverse background in AM materials from textiles & garments, to medical devices for neonatal care, pyrotechnics, and more. Overall, her main focus was and continues to be discovering novel materials systems to use in AM. 

Pam Kobryn. Pam is a Principle Aerospace Engineer at the U.S. Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). Pam served as the colocated materials engineer on the Airframe Integrated Product Team of the F-35 Joint Program Office where she interfaced with several intensive efforts in the early days of AM working through AM processes large and small when we first met. She is a great technical resource and superb program manager. Today, she is responsible for developing the vision and strategy for two concepts born in the Science & Technology realm -- Digital Thread and Digital Twin. Pam also leads the Sustainment Product Area in AFRL’s Aerospace Vehicles Division and the Structural Integrity Team in the Structures Technology Branch. 

Sarah Goehrke. Editor in Chief at Sarah curates, edits, publishes, and writes stories covering the latest in the 3D printing industry. She also oversees a staff of full-time and freelance writers on her team. Sarah is what we could consider a strong influencer in the AM space, with an incredible ability to engage with her audience. Her journalism provides great value to our industry; we depend on journalists and the outlets they work for and Sarah has proven her ability to cover the AM industry intimately. 

Tiffany Westbay. Tiffany was recommended by a colleague as a key driving force in America Makes. She is the Membership Director at National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining (NCDMM) and has served as the liaison between America Makes and its membership community since 2013. She is responsible for developing and implementing activities designed to increase and retain membership in AM. 

Malika Khodja. Malika is a PhD Researcher and Engineer at Metal Heart Additive Manufacturing in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. Malika's work is focused on Design for Additive (DfAM), reverse engineering, heat treatment and plating technologies. She's earned a reputation in the industry for being both an established Engineer and a Business Development professional, two traits which when combined are significant in our growing industry.

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