Influential Women in AM You Should Know (Part II)

Adding More to Additive Manufacturing - Part II

Following from the initial list of influential women, I was flooded with nominations from colleagues of women involved in our field.  I view this very positively.

A colleague and I caught up the other day, and the topic of conversation traveled to recent experiences she’d appreciated as a female in a male dominated workplace. Her insight proved great advice as to what men can do to support women in engineering roles. The bottom line: inclusiveness.

You never really know the impact you have on other people, especially in a world heavily influenced by social media. International Women’s Day came and went last week, and there were a few articles specific to women in 3D printing. Reading these articles motivated me. I think The Barnes Group Advisors should also recognize the impact of women in additive, and include them in our own industry update. 

Below are women who have had an impact on the AM industry, or an impact on us at TBGA.  We strive to be inclusive, and look forward to sharing more names of female AM rockstars on future lists later. We plan to keep the Women’s Day vibe going all year.

Teresa Clement. Teresa is the Strategic Technology Directorate at Raytheon, in Tucson, Arizona. We overlapped briefly as served as the Chair of America Makes Roadmap Advisory Group – an exercise in herding crickets. She has a PhD in Materials Science Engineering from Arizona State University, where she studied NanoScience Research under Dr. S. Thomas Picraux.

Sri Lathabai. Sri is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to CSIRO, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at NIST in Maryland. Sri holds a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.  She supports the Aussie rules West Coast Eagles.

Jennifer Fielding. Jennifer and I serve on the SME AM Advisory Board and she is great and to work with.  Jennifer is the Technical Advisor at the Air Force Research Laboratory, where she leads technical strategy for R&D, and transition of manufacturing technologies enabling the affordable manufacture of propulsion systems and aerospace structures for the US Air Force. She's also a Program Manager for America Makes, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

Caitlin Oswald. Caitlin joined LAI International in late 2015, after spending several years at Pratt and Whitney. She has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and has extensive experience in material development and additive industrialization. Be sure to catch one of her presentations during the upcoming conference season; they’re quite good and technically informative.

Kristal Kilgore. Kristal is the Marketing Manager at SLM Solutions. She's a skilled marketing professional in the machine industry, and as an extra bonus, she speaks German.

Laura Ely. Laura is a metallurgical engineer, so she’s obviously good people.  We met on an interview and grilled me while I was attempting to each lunch, but she was incredibly focused on what she wanted to know, which I liked. I may be exaggerating. She went on to become Manager of GKN’s AM Technology Center and has since moved up to Head of Technology.  

Emilie Herny – I had the priveledge of working with Emilie whilst at CSIRO with Xinhua Wu on a project to print various components of an auxiliary power unit from Microturbo. Emilie was the R&D Manager and Project Manager for AM for Safran’s Microturbo group.  She has since been elevated to Head of Materials.

Louise Geekie - Originally a highly successful medical research pioneer at Edinburgh University, she has been involved in the Additive Manufacturing sector for the past 5 years, working in a pioneering SME organisation that has identified SLM as a way of improving products for the filtration industry. She has also made major contributions to the industry as a whole, working with Universities including mentorship of a number of student projects.

Carolyn Seepersad – Carolyn is a professor at UT Austin - She does solid research in the area, has won a number of awards in the additive and academic communities, and teaches a fantastic ‘Additive Manufacturing’ course for undergrads and grad students every other semester.  

Amy Elliott – A researcher at Oak Ridge National Labs Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, leads much of the work on binder jet process development and binder specific developments.  She is well published and well known within the binder jetting community.

Sarah Boisvert – Sarah is one sharp lady whom I had the pleasure sitting next to at a conference we were speaking at.  She had volunteered to live Tweet the talks which put the pressure on me for sure!  But wait, in addition to be a laser expert, she founded Fab Lab Hubs and was a president of the Laser Institute of America.  If she weren’t so nice to me, I’d have been seriously intimidated!

Each of these women on this list are recognized as inspirational and influential women working in additive manufacturing. Each contributes in a unique way, be it through design, manufacturing, engineering, education, training or technology. Our intention is to spotlight these women who are working diligently every day to continue taking the industry forward. These women are the women who are adding more to additive manufacturing.

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