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Adding More to Additive Manufacturing - Part 1

A colleague and I caught up the other day, and the topic of conversation traveled to recent experiences she’d appreciated as a female in a male dominated workplace. Her insight proved great advice as to what men can do to support women in engineering roles. The bottom line: inclusiveness.

You never really know the impact you have on other people, especially in a world heavily influenced by social media. International Women’s Day came and went last week, and there were a few articles specific to women in 3D printing. Reading these articles motivated me. I think The Barnes Group Advisors should also recognize the impact of women in additive, and include them in our own industry update.

Below are women who have had an impact on the AM industry, or an impact on us at TBGA.  We strive to be inclusive, and look forward to sharing more names of female AM rockstars on future lists later. We plan to keep the Women’s Day vibe going all year.


Photo of Mihaela Vlasea courtesy of University of Waterloo

Photo of Mihaela Vlasea courtesy of University of Waterloo

Mihaela Vlasea. I met Mihaela while serving on a panel at RAPID and now we are AM Advisors together for SME.  Mihaela shared her lab at University of Waterloo with me, where she’s created MSAM and leads an impressive team.  She built her own printer as a student. On top of this, she’s a seriously nice human. 

Sophie Jones. As all good relationships start, we met online. No really, it was via LinkedIn, but then we had an in-person chat and a coffee at Formnext. As GM at Added Scientific, she helps the industry work through specialty printing tasks. She is also an advocate for STEM and a lovely person.

Irina Schatorje. I just met Irina at Formnext last year, but her larger than life personality was visible much before that. To me, she’s the face of Additive Industries and is very active in promotion of the industry at large. 

Chelsea Cummings. I met Chelsea during an interview where, admittedly, she basically interviewed me.  A strong work ethic and an easy style to get things done, I have appreciated her maturity and patience when I’ve lost mine.

Alex Kingsbury. Or as I call her, Additive Alex.  Alex I began working together when I first moved to Australia.  She brings a spark to her work and is the extrovert yin to my introvert yang. Formerly the Director of ‘Lab 22’ at CSIRO – a metal additive manufacturing center for local industry access and training, she is now a consultant to the industry and a Barnes Group Addvisor.

Karen Taminger. Karen has been a central AM figure at NASA Langley since, well, as long as I can remember.  She’s flown a home-grown wire fed, e-beam process in the Vomit Comet to study micro-gravity effects of liquid metal droplet formation in space. She also gave my daughter a NASA engineer t-shirt as a toddler.

Alison Wyrick Mendoza. Alison joined the industry several years ago with a background in Commercial Aviation and Aerospace. She also launched a personal blog in 2017, to help bring general awareness to 3D printing, and awareness to Women and Girls in STEM initiatives.

Dawne Hickton. Dawne originally made my radar as the first CEO of a materials producer to acquire a 3D printing service bureau.  A year later she hired me and then led the investment of RTI in Norsk Titanium where she later served as a board member. She has a very dynamic leadership style, which I liken to run fast and break things, but learn something and make it work.  Today, we work together through her new firm, Cumberland High Street.

Lucy Grainger. Lucy is an Application Engineer at Renishaw and is a published expert in effects of powder re-use cycles in metal AM. She holds a Master of Science in Chemistry from The University of Sheffield, and spent several years working as a scientist at Metalysis prior to Renishaw.

Dana McCallum. Dana is the Head of Production Partnerships at Carbon and serves as Vice President on the AMUG committee. Her background is in product development and product design, and she is looked to as a thought leader in the AM space, with over 5,500 followers on LinkedIn.

Each of these women on this list are recognized as inspirational and influential women working in additive manufacturing. Each contributes in a unique way, be it through design, manufacturing, engineering, education, training or technology. Our intention is to spotlight these women who are working diligently every day to continue taking the industry forward. These women are the women who are adding more to additive manufacturing.

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