Accelerate AM is an advanced course focused on Design for Additive Manufacturing.

Learn to distinguish between additive manufacturing design innovation and additive manufacturing design mitigation techniques.


Course objectives include:

  • Distinguish between AM design innovation and AM design mitigation techniques

  • Define software tool categories for AM design

  • Identify typical AM design workflow

  • Discuss digital process steps of AM design workflow

  • Define AM design considerations

  • Weigh factors across various AM processes to achieve specific design goals

  • Apply AM design principles to standard design features

  • List disruptive design techniques made possible by AM

  • Define part consolidation as it applies to AM

  • Describe part consolidation example and case study

  • Define light weighting with lattice structures as it applies to AM

  • Describe light weighting with lattice example and case study

  • Define light weighting with topology optimization example and case study

  • List design innovation techniques and tools

  • List design mitigation techniques and tools

  • Follow sample part through physical and digital workflow