Why we do what we do.

At The Barnes Group Advisors, we are passionate about manufacturing and technology, and the best technology will go nowhere if the economics aren't well understood. Specifically, additive manufacturing is growing quickly and industrializing, and we believe we can help with all the activity that this acceleration requires. We want it to continue to grow safely.

As our core belief is in manufacturing, we will commit a portion of our profits each year to furthering the understanding of an aspect of manufacturing. This keeps The Barnes Group Advisors involved, committed, and responsible for the advancement of manufacturing. 
— LIVE IT | The Barnes Group Advisors Pledge

The Barnes Group Advisors brings high quality, seasoned specialists to advise and solve problems associated with maturing and industrializing additive manufacturing. In fact, our ADDvisor® Services team has over 100 years of additive manufacturing experience combined. We specialize in intimate engagements of duration to ensure there is a measurable output. We believe in the long term relationship; it may just not be full time. Additive manufacturing is growing so fast that we see companies big and small needing subject matter expertise, just not on a full time basis. We focus on delivering value and rigorous process knowledge.


The ADDvisor® Team engaging with clients and community.